If you find a guy in the remotest corner of earth in shabby shorts and anime tee, asking about food and preaching human nature, that would be me. Jack of a number of traits, trying to be master of some. Creativity instigates me and Logic drives me. And I Love Mountains.



P&G Shiksha Appu #ChooseForChange

Film portrays the heart warming struggle of Appu who wants to go to school and his father who is helpless in doing so as there is no school in village.

HPCL – Roads That Honk

Innovated Smart Poles to help indicate speeding drivers on sharp hairpin bends to slow down by honking.

Nationwide – E-Commerce Robinhood

🏆 D&AD Pencil - New Blood 2017 Winner   📝 Using Open Banking Data to fight Wealth Gap in the world on Ecommerce Platforms.

Aussiebar Website

Aussie Bar is a Franchise group of bar/restaurant/nightclubs originally from Finland, but its roots are down under.

McDonald’s – Maharaja Mac Moments

McDonald’s has unveiled a new integrated campaign. Whether you’re celebrating a big moment or a small one, McDonald’s has got the perfect Maharaja Mac for you.